Kenneth Kakande Returns To DP

Former Democratic Party spokesperson Kenneth Kakande has returned to DP a party he left after dismissing himself a few years ago.

Former Spokesperson Kenneth Paul Kakande
Former Spokesperson Kenneth Paul Kakande

Kakande was elected as the DP deputy spokesperson during the party’s 2010 Delegates Conference and assumed the mandate of Acting Spokesperson of the Party after the party’s spokesperson Luktmoi Mwaka crossed over to the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Kakande left the party because of some quarrels and controversies of the Party’s move to stop Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) delegates’ conference.

He claims that he still believes in DP as a party and so has decided to return.

His return was announced by the party president Norbert Mao at a press conference held at the party headquarters at City House in Kampala.

Mao said that they never lost confidence in him (Kakande) and that he still remained a member of the National Executive Committee and he was never dismissed from any position.

“Welcome back KK we are proud to have you back”, said Mao. He added and said that Kenneth came back at the right time when they needed someone to spearhead the communications team of the Democratic Party.

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