Land Grabbers Vow to Grab More

Land grabbers have vowed to grab more land in Kampala.

Our snoops have landed on document showing their master plan on how they will grab more land from the native owners.

In the Documents, One identified as Salaam Nansikombi is seen threatening Jacob Mutabazi that he will not reclaim his land.

“Come and see the big perimeter wall surrounding the area where you were shown as your father’s grave. You will never have access to it anymore. It is enclosed with a big wall, and a big storied house is built there. not by Adventists, but better people doing better than you would have done, by selling to poor fook or other unknown characters,” reads the document.

Another document was so threatening that if Mutabazi ever steps in his land, he will have found the easiest way of meeting his creator.

“I know the person i am writing these letters to, I want to challenge you openly. Tell the world where Mwambali was buried if he was your father,”

“Do you want to be the only none Muganda in Kireka? or you want to come and die. I see that at your age 70+ you should be cool and prepare to leave the world in peace”

Land grabbing is not a new phenomenon. For centuries, communities have been intimidated to abandon – or have been forcibly removed from – their land. However we are now witnessing a new aggressive land grab, driven by high food prices and growing global consumption, with multinational corporations, often in partnership with governments, seizing the land.

Recently, the government warned that it is set to cancel at least 17,000 land titles registered under wetlands in Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono districts, the water and Environment minister professor Ephraim Kamuntu revealed.

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