MAGIC TOUCH: Golola Fingers UBC’s Fifi

There was unusual excitement when celebrated spinster Phiona Namiiro famously known as Fifi met loudmouth kick-boxer Moses Golola at UBC offices in Kampala.


Fifi, who anchors sports on Luganda channel Star TV, first joked with the comic Golola that she can swallow him in a minute and in an attempt to show his might as a man, Golola lifted her aloft.

A mere touch on her thigh-land and huge butt made her moan like she was in the bedroom and pleaded with the fighter to put her down before her el-Niño taps started to flow.

“ Ooooooochi Golola, stop, I feel like you’re massaging me and I can’t hold it anymore,” she repeatedly begged. The two latter exchange phone numbers and promised to continue with their games later.

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