Miss Uganda is Ugly – Cindy

Miss Uganda 2014 Leah Kalanguka

Reigning Miss Uganda Leah Kalanguka is yet in another fresh social medial attack this time led by renowned dancehall singer Cinderella Sanyu.

Ex Blue 3 Singer Cindy Sanyu
Ex Blue 3 Singer Cindy Sanyu

Yesterday night, Cindy posted on her Facebook page saying Miss Uganda is ugly and she never regretted saying it.

‘Miss Uganda is ugly Now I said it and it’s the truth’, she said.

Miss Uganda Leah Kalanguka
Miss Uganda Leah Kalanguka

This sparked off enormous reactions from the public as many ranted that it wouldn’t have been a public figure like her.

Several others added that Cindy is uglier than Miss Uganda though she seemed not to give a damn.

This sparks off the attacks that were laid to rest months back as some individuals were questioning Leah’s beauty.


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