Nakimera Hooks New Dude, Engaged

The love of singer Grace Nakimera is getting more complicated each day that goes by.

Grace Nakimera
Grace Nakimera

Just after we unveiled that a city model one Shamim Namawa had taken over her hubby, Nakimera has proved that she is in a brand new relationship.

To prove her new love, she has posted a cozy picture of herself displaying a diamond ring which is said to have been given to her by her new catch.

A source tells us that she is now happily in love with the man she has been praying for the last decade. “She is now truly in love and was with this new guy on Valentine’s Day at Serena hotel.

Grace Nakimera (C) sorrounded by fans in Arua
Grace Nakimera (C) sorrounded by fans in Arua

The dude just surprised her with that ring and what we know is that very soon we shall be hearing wedding bells. You see she is the type that hates drama and all that comes with it.

This could be the reason she has decided to let go of her past and move on with her prince charming. If Shamim or whoever she is wants the man, she has now kind of let her have him.

That is if she can handle,” a source revealed. It should be remembered that singer Nakimara is one of the female artistes who has been battling a war of stalkers with some of her male fans.

Recently she revealed that a male stalker had followed her up demanding for love for over two years until she faced him to back off.

Shamim Nagawa the babe said to have taken over Nakimera's hubby
Shamim Namawa the babe said to have taken over Nakimera’s hubby

While in Mbarara on a music tour a diehard fan who had been mesmerized by her music and dancing moves rewarded her with a cozy portrait and flowers.

A fan shocks Nakimera with a painting
A fan shocks Nakimera with a painting

Could this new dude be among the list that has been stalking her?  Our team is working towards unveiling Nakimera’s new dude and soon we shall unveil it all.

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