NRM Perpetuates Life Presidency

NRM legislators managed to successfully frustrate progress towards the much awaited process of handing over power in a peaceful way.

NRM legistators enjoying the roasted meat at Kyankwanzi recently (File Photo)

After the threat of I will not give power to the wolves by President Museveni, every interested party lives in anticipation or apprehension of the way power especially of the presidency will ever exchange hands.

It is with this in mind that a Private Member’s Bill on Presidential Transition was proposed.

This bill has hit a snag after members of the ruling National Resistance Movement party blocked Buikwe South MP Dr Lulume Bayiga from tabling it.

The Bill seeks among others; make provisions for the procedure by which a President-elect can assume office and his or her access to all state power instruments. It also seeks to establish an authority- the presidential transition committee to guarantee a peaceful transition from one president to another.

Dr Bayiga had sought leave of parliament to draft the bill titled ‘The Presidential Transition Bill (2014).’ However, the motion through which leave would be granted, met with stiff resistance denying him a chance to present the bill.

The Deputy Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Fred Ruhindi indicated that there are ongoing negotiations on the same between Parties under the guidance of the Inter-Party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD). He says any effort in the same line would be pre-empting processes undertaken by IPOD.

Though the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga conducted a vote on the motion, her decision was postponed to enable the two sides of parliament dialogue.

Opposition legislators collectively backed the proposals saying once the law is enacted; it will usher in a process of transition of power and guide Uganda’s transit from President Yoweri Museveni’s 29-year-old rule.

Dr Lulume Bayiga, the prime advocate for the law observed that this framework would deters an outgoing President from committing the government into certain decisions that can curtail peaceful handover of government.

Serere Woman MP said that the majority in the House exhibited intolerance to a point they curtailed a member to suggest business for the House.

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