Poor UPE Standards Irk Parents

Despite introducing UPE and USE by the NRM government, many people still find it grossly lacking and they claim is has concentrated on churning out quantity with little regard paid to quality.


A considerable number of parents this term decided to take their children out of government aided schools to private schools.

The parents say that their children finish school with poor grades and this affects them during the time of changing schools.

There has been increased public concern about the quality of pupils and students who are products of UPE or USE with people chiding anyone with poor grammar as a product of this kind of education.

One very disappointed parent, Mr. Kibirango Amos a resident of Entebbe Lugonjo whose daughter was in Kiwafu Primary School says that his daughter did not returning to the school.

His concern is that these schools lack good facilities  and this he claims has affected their students performances.

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