Radio, Weasel Vow to Crash Chameleone @ Monaco

The bad blood boiling between singers Radio, Weasel and Chameleone seems to be getting to extreme levels as each camp fights hard to prove to other that it’s the best.

Radio and Weasel smoking Shisha with hot babes at Monaco Resor
Radio and Weasel smoking Shisha with hot babes at Monaco Resor

The latest we have from the Goodlyfe boys is that they have vowed to discipline Chameleone physically and musically at Monaco Resort Beach a hangout located along Mityana Highway this Saturday.

A source overheard Weasel telling a friend at Silver Springs hotel in Bugolobi on Monday evening how they are tired of being referred to as the ‘little ones’ yet they African stars.

“This time around he will see who is bigger and who is little. We shall take him on musically and physically until he agrees that the so called little boys are actually mature stars,” Weasel told a pal at Silver Springs hotel.

The battle between the three stars has been ongoing for some time. They have been sighted a couple in fights around city bars and shows.

This development comes after Weasel and Radio signed a mega deal with Monaco Resort Beach in Bulenga along Mityana road.

The deal according to a source will see the duo perform at the Beach every weekend and in future turn it into their second entertainment home.  Well, we just hope no one gets hurt at the end of their battles.

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