Sheilah Gashumba Parades ‘Flat Tyres’

Ever upcoming fashion icon Sheilah Gashumba dared to break social media by unleashing her pencil thin hind flesh to the vigilant snoops.

Sheila Gashumba
Sheila Gashumba

However on a mission gone bad, her bums got lost in thin air since in the photos she appeared like a man or a flat item.

Several onlookers were heard ranting that even display fashion dolls are better than her since they have some protruding rear parts.

However, she appeared unbothered about the rants since she also captioned the photo admitting that she is aware of how other ladies are better than her.

“I know there’s a million women out there who look better than me, which is why I make sure I have more to offer than just my appearance,” she said.

Despite the flat tyres, Sheila is continuing to thrive financially with several deals signed in her names.

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