UPDF Retires 162 Officers

A batch of over 600 officers and men who voluntarily requested to retire from the Uganda Peoples Defence forces will be retired later this month, the Chief of Personnel and Administration, Brigadier Joseph Musanyufu has said.


This is part of the over 1400 Officers and men who will be retired before the end of 2014/15 Financial year, as part of a new plan in the army to retire a number of its Personnel every year as the UPDF struggles to clear a big backlog of UPDF personnel due for retirement.

The first batch of retirees, according to Brig. Musanyufu, has One Colonel, 8 Lt Colonels, 29 Majors, 60 captains and 23Warrant Officers, among others. Most of these are officers and men above 50 years of age who have served the force for more than 30 years.

Musanyufu was speaking at the pre-retirement training program for the first batch of retirees at the Non Commissioned Officers Academy, Jinja.

The one week event aiming at preparing the retirees for civilian life was opened by the UPDF Chief of Defence Forces, Gen Edward Katumba Wamala.

“We are very thankful to you for your contributions towards the well-being of Uganda. The development and achievements we now see in the UPDF and the country are partly a direct result of your sweat and commitment. UPDF and the country will forever remain indebted to you.” Gen Katumba said.

General Katumba also called on the soldiers who are soon retiring to lead a responsible and healthy life and to ensure that they cautiously put to good use the retirement package that they will be given so that they don’t regret in future.

Katumba advised the soldiers to remain relevant to the country by engaging in productive work relevant for further progress of Uganda and cautioned them never to be involved in unconstitutional activities.

He also clarified that the UPDF Institution does not retire casualties on the basis of their physical disability attained in the course of service.

“Unlike other Armies who abandon their causalities, UPDF manages them. That is why we have Mubende Rehabilitation Center.

The only causalities that we may retire are those who choose to go voluntarily and we first confirm beyond reasonable doubt their capability to survive outside.” Katumba remarked.

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