Basoga Misery Self-Inflicted — Besigye

The opposition activist and former Forum for Democratic Change party President Rt. Col. Dr Kiiza Besigye has lashed at Busoga region for praising the current regime while their people are dying in poverty and jiggers.

Ex Forum for Democratic Change president Kizza Besigye
Ex Forum for Democratic Change president Kizza Besigye

Besigye alluded to the fact that people from the Busoga region are the architects of their misery under this government while speaking at the launch of the fundraising drive dubbed Campaign 6200 in Najjanankumbi aimed at collecting funds to buy medicine and equipment for pregnant mothers in Bugiri district.

Besigye said that unlike Kigezi region that got 10 cabinet ministers in the last reshuffles as a result of putting much pressure on the Museveni agitating for change, other regions have done nothing to express their dissatisfaction with the government in power.

He said that the Basoga are busy singing and praising the president while they are dying from abject poverty and jiggers as the regime they are praising is just watching them suffer.

In the last Cabinet reshuffle by the President Museveni, Western Uganda dominated the day with 30 ministers and 10 from Kigezi region, followed by the northern region with 21. The Central region came third with 18 ministers while Eastern Uganda trailed with only 7.

“Kigezi region were given 10 ministers because of the pressure the president is on these days, but how many did Busoga, Buganda, and northern get, this shows the president is not receiving resistance from these regions.”Besigye said.

Besigye further said that unless other regions come out like Kigezi and demand for change the regime will continue to deprive them of their rights and freedom.

Besigye also used the platform to hold the women in Uganda responsible for their failure to join the struggle and demand for change.

He said women in the country have achieved a lot in farming and other activities but they are the most vulnerable and are living in misery.

The Forum for Democratic Party President Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu also said that it is a matter of time, come 2016 general elections FDC will take the government by storm.

According to the function organizer Ingrid Turinawe the Chairperson FDC Women’s league the fundraising is aimed at improving and saving the lives of mothers during pregnancy country wide since the government has failed to save them.

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