CITY LAWYER’S DEATH: Police discovers controversial Suicide Note inside His car

Investigations into the death which prominent city lawyer, George Mugyenyi Kaharuzi of Agaba Magulu & Co. Advocates have taken a new twist after it emerged police allegedly discovered a controversial suicide note.

The late George Mugyenyi Kaharuza
The late George Mugyenyi Kaharuza

Sources state that in the statement, his widow Jovia Kobusingye initially made before Police, she disclosed that when her husband called her on phone informing her that he was near the Kabaka’s beach in Munyonyo, a Kampala city suburb in Makindye Division, he told her, he was about to breath his last and even knew who those responsible were.

This is contrary to the suicide note that police has discovered, according to sources closely following the case even though some have questioned its authenticity.

“If at that material time the deceased had not lost hope in his life, why didn’t he tell her his killers?” one of the disappointed family members was overheard asking.

Mugyenyi died on March 1. He is suspected to have been poisoned. Jovia candidly said her husband was poisoned by some people although she also did not divulge any names.

Since his death, many government bigwigs including the deputy Attorney General, Mwesigwa Rukutana, Brigadier General Mateeka, Chief Justice Bart Katureebe (deceased’s close friend), Court of Appeal Judge, Richard Buteera (deceased’s relative), Joseph Matsiko of KAA law firm, among other people, vowed not to sleep until they know what exactly happened to their colleague and ensure that those responsible are brought to book.

Police have since put a Shs10m bounty for anyone with credible information that would help them investigate the death of the lawyer.

WIDOW: Jovia Kobusingye Mugyenyi
WIDOW: Jovia Kobusingye Mugyenyi

Sources add that, so far, one of the deceased’s close friends and former schoolmate has also earmarked Shs200Million to help in the investigations, particularly to find out what exactly killed his colleague.

Efforts to get a comment from the chief investigating officer who is also the deputy Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Directorate, Geoffrey Musana for the latest were futile as he was busy in a security meeting while the Police spokesperson Fred Enanga was in a workshop.

The family is worried that the person who plotted for their relative is very dangerous and has a lot of money at his/her disposal which she/he can use to do anything including duping the public and investigators that the deceased committed suicide yet it’s all being concocted.


Since police have recovered a suicide note from the deceased’s car,  sources told this newspaper that the note has been taken to the writing experts in the Forensic laboratory to find out whether it bears the deceased’s  own handwriting or not.

Investigators into the case have also picked interest in the conversation that took place between the deceased and his wife Jovia before he died and plans to take the retrieved call data to South Africa for further scrutiny are finalized so as to get the audio recordings.

“Why did he commit suicide with all the money he had, they claim he indicated on his suicide note that he had a lot of bank debts close to shs500m, honestly, am very certain, our person and best friend didn’t commit suicide, let everything be done to reach the core of the truth behind his death, that note was planted in his car to confuse investigations when he is dead,” a close family member lamented.

The vehicle in which the alleged suicide note was  allegedly discovered (All Photos  by Stuart Yiga)
The vehicle in which the alleged suicide note was allegedly discovered (All Photos by Stuart Yiga)

Moses Muhoozi, a close friend to the deceased and a renowned property broker who is also suspected to be involved in circumstances that led to the lawyer’s death was arrested by Police minutes before the burial of the deceased and detained at Kiwoko Police Station before he was transferred to Kampala.

Consequently, sources also confirmed that, besides the Police’s investigations, an independent investigating body comprising of high skilled intelligence officers from the Special Forces Command (SFC) have also been put in place alongside many others, to investigate the same matter.

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