Delhi Public School International Breaks Record!

One of the state of art building for Delhi Public International School (Photo by Stuart Yiga)
One of the state of art building for Delhi Public International School (Photo by Stuart Yiga)

By Stuart Yiga

As it is always the norm, East Africa’s top moneybag Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia has turned Delhi Public School International, a Uganda’s top school with a state of art building, fully flagged with World first class facilities including; Swimming Pool, Rest Rooms for early years pupils; from Pre-Primary School to Grade 12.

The record breaking school recently joined the bigger ‘Rupareli Group’ family after its Chairperson, Dr. Sudhir, bought it off from the pioneer owners.
“The school is officially opening this Monday and as per now, our highly talented engineers have made everything extremely unique to fit the world standards and some of them include; Indoor and Outdoor Play area, State of Art football pitch, Dinning Facility, Multi Purpose Recreational rooms, Science and Home Economics Laboratory, Commerce and Humanities,” one of the school’s promoter, Sudhir confirmed.

According to the school’s promoter, Rajiv Ruparelia, besides other marketable courses, the school will also offer courses like; Communicative English, Second Language – Hind and French in all classes above Prep and Hindi / French in classes IX and X, Environmental Science (EVS), General Science III and above, Social Science III and above, Art and Craft till class X, Music (Folk, Classical, Western Classical) till class X, Dance (Indian, Folk, Classical, Western),

Computers, Value Education, Physical and Health Education, Science (Medical and Non-Medical) to classes XI and XII, Commerce with and without Mathematics to classes XI and XII, Humanities with and without Geography to classes XI and XII, and at the Senior Secondary level (+2), students can opt for Science, Humanities and Commerce, he said.
Ever since the school was taken over by the Ruparelia Group, the work of setting up new standards, supervision of the construction of the modern structures among other responsibilities were given to Rajiv Ruparelia, one of Uganda’s brain-endowed youths.

“Education is better that giving money as it is a life time investment, keep up the good work that you have undertaken,” Raja Kanti one of the school’s fan lamented.

The computer laboratory for Delhi Public Sch.International
The computer laboratory for Delhi Public Sch.International

Meanwhile, the school offers its children an enriched CBSE curriculum taught by a highly qualified and trained staff.

“We believe that the diversity of our student body provides the foundation for creating involved global citizens in our rapidly changing world. We make every effort to appreciate and celebrate our differences. Building an inclusive and caring community is integral to our work,” Rajiv said.
He adds that, in keeping with the directives of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)-Delhi, evaluation of the learner has to be done in context during the process of continuous learning.

“Therefore, the C.C.E. has been introduced in classes IX and X and also at the Primary Level so as to provide and ensure the holistic development of each learner entrusted to our care, purposely to bring continuous improvement in the performance of a learner though constant diagnosis of gaps and difficulties in learning and helping the learners in overcoming through remediation of instructions,” he explained.

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