Desire Luzinda Faces Arrest Over 20million Debt

Another city business man has dragged the reigning El Niño and rear queen Desire Luzinda to court for failing to payback a debt worth 20million shillings.

court summons to Desire
court summons to Desire

Ronald Kaliisa claims that two years back Desire borrowed Shs 20.6million from him and signed an agreement to pay after one month.

When the time for paying came in, Desire decided to chicken out.

Kaliisa’s lawyer Ocheng of Ocheng and Harimwomugasho and company advocates have revealed Desire issued cheques totaling to 20.6million but they all bounced.

“She knew with in her Knowledge that her Bank account at Housing Finance bank up on which she drew the cheques was closed but she processed to fraudulently issue cheques to our Kaliisa,” said Ocheng before adding that; “This is a serious case that she committed. A crime with some intention because she knew it very well on what had happened to her account.”

The bouncedcheques on closed account
The bounced cheques

Ocheng further said that said Desire was informed about the bounced cheques and on everything that took place but she refused to respond in accordance to the money she had taken.

On 9 January 2015 Kaliisa dashed to Mengo civil court under court no.145/2015 with all the evidence that Desire approached him for friendly loan cash advances and as the way of repayment she issued 5 postdated cheques drawn on her account of 0001950200043201 at Housing Finance Nakasero.

On February 03, Kaliisa rushed to the bank with hopes of banking the cheque but upon the presentation for payment, he was told that the account was closed years ago.

Desire decided to cut off communication with Kaliisa.

When Red Pepper online contacted Kaliisa on whether he is a registered money lender and well known by Bank of Uganda he said; “On this matter I don’t need to be registered this is someone who came to me and I gave her money on friendly basis.’’

“It’s the reason why am not charging her interest. What I need of her is to send back my money then we continue moving on as friends. But this issue of lying to me time and again I don’t like it because money means business I have other things to do with that money. This shows that Desire has money but she does not have the willingness to pay,” roared Kaliisa.

The file suit
The file suit

Kaliisa came to be friends with Desire through musical concerts so she took Desire to be a good person who could be given money and she returns after solving her problems.

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