Desire Luzinda’s Debt Saga Takes New Twist

Luzinda’s debts took a new twist when she claimed that the Shamim her former friend and now man snatcher is behind all her debt woes.



Embattled singer Desire Luzinda who has been repeatedly arrested for being soaked in debt has come out to say that little known Cavendish lecturer Jimmy Aliniga and Shamim Kalanda the perpetrators of her misery are being used by Franklin her Nigerian former bonkmate famed for leaking her nudes on social media.

A furious Desire rubbished Jimmy’s claims of having lent her money as being baseless.

She claims that there is no written evidence showing that she had ever received any Money from him.

She revealed that she knows very well that Jimmy Aliniga is being used by Shamim Kalanda who used to be her best friend but later became her nemesis after Luzinda discovered that her Franklin was enjoying Shamim’s ‘kitone’ behind her back.

“I know Its Shamim and Franklin who are using Jimmy to put up baseless charge against me so that I can they can blackmail me not to testify against Franklin who is wanted by Police here in Uganda.’’

She went on to say, “You know people these days have taken up a tendency of taking women for granted as weak, marginalised and unable do anything to get justice. Those things ended, we are in a modern World where the international or local law has to prevail.”

Franklin (R) can also be charged with trafficking in pornography under the Computer Misuse Act.
Franklin (R) can also be charged with trafficking in pornography under the Computer Misuse Act.

In her rant, she went ahead to warn Franklin that if he thinks that he is too far not to face any courts of law, he is just day dreaming and the dream will end with him being arrested and brought to face the law.

Desire narrated to the Red Pepper that when she was recording a statement at SIU Kireka, she

found out that Jimmy Aliniga had tendered in some phone messages as evidence to show that he had lent money to her.

“That can’t work as evidence. I know I have never borrowed money from Jimmy because he

is not by Bank of Uganda as a money lender so how could have borrowed from him. I know him as a broke fellow whose only claim to having money is his mouth.” She added that Jimmy just goes boasting in town that he has money when he does not know that people

who have money don’t talk about themselves. She went on to say that she happens to know Jimmy because of Franklin her former bonkmate who used to take him as a business partner.

She advised Jimmy that if he happened to loan money to her White and Black party, he then ought to demand it from his friend Franklin since he was the one in charge of revenue collecting and organisation.

Shamim Kalanda
Shamim Kalanda

Desire did not spare Shamim whom she accused of being so excited about dating Franklin not

knowing that she will be disappointed to the bone marrow. She told us that Shamim got to know Franklin through her and she went on to launch a devious bonkfest with him behind her back. Desire informed us all and sundry that during their  the hey days, Shamim used to tell her how she loved rich men who can get her big cars like escalades, Benz or

VX and build her a mansion. She was ready to seduce one to get her dream. Desire though thinks that with Franklin, Shamim has hit an empty jackpot. “That guy does not

have the money to all that kind of stuff for her,” says Luzinda.

Recently Desire posted on social media a jab at Shamim that goes, “When your once

close friend dates your ex hoping to get a range rover. Actions very laughable but my dear Shamim stick to Marriage.”

According to one of Desire’s lawyers Isaac Kimaze, they have requested Police at SIU to forward their file to court for civil hearing.

Desire’s parting shot at Shamim was that Shamim has decided to wage and fight a war that is not hers against her but she will suffer more because she will lose it.

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