Desire’s thighs Cause Scrotal Eruptions In UK

If there is anyone who mastered her own business and the best way to get customers, its singer Desire Luzinda with her thigh-power

Desire Luzinda puts her thighs on Display
Desire Luzinda puts her thighs on Display

At the recently concluded 40th Anniversary of Afrigo band that was held in London UK, singer Desire Luzinda sold out more than the show did, thanks to her juicy thighs.

Clad in a back high-slitted dress, Desire rocked the stage leaving various UK men hungry and yearning to have a piece of her body.

Rumor has it that if it was not for Desire, the show may have been a total calamity since the organizers even had faulty machines.

The development comes shortly after she caused a sexual stampede at Meat Packers when she turned up in flesh-revealing pants.

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