Dr. William Muhairwe on how he turned NWSC into a successful and profitable entity in few years

Dr. William Muhairwe is the brains behind 2ML Consulting Limited, Muhairwe Education Trust Limited, Global Waters Leader’s group and the former Managing Director Uganda National Water and Sewerage Corporation ( NWSC).

Dr. William Muhairwe
Dr. William Muhairwe


Muhairwe was voted in the 11th position and awarded as one of the water industry professionals recognized as water and wastewater International (WWI)’s Top 25 industrial leaders.

He is responsible for one of the African Water industry’s great success stories- The turnaround of the Ugandan Water and Sewerage Corporation.

The 13 years he spent at NWSC saw him change the corporation for the better. When he joined the corporation in 1998, it was in a bad state.

He compares this situation to a critically ill patient, demanding painful but unavoidable radical surgery, strong medication and intensive health care to bring him/her back to life.

During his first meeting he declared that he would resign if he did not turn the corporation around within 100 days.

He championed the use of internal Reforms and introduced a series of Change Management Programmes that changed the profile of NWSC to that of one of the most successful and profitable water and waste water utilities in Africa.


Dr. Muhairwe was born in Mbagwa, Sheema district to Mr. and Mrs Nazarius Nsimwa.

Born in a family of 3, he is the middle child. He studied his primary in rural schools, did his “O” Level in Kitabi Seminary and “A” Level in Ntare School after which he got a scholarship to Germany to study Business and Industrial Management.

Dr. William Muhairwe
Dr. William Muhairwe

He went on to pursue a masters and PHD IN Industrial Management all in Germany.

Then he was only 29 and the youngest Phd holder at the university.

He worked with a Germany company and after one year he was appointed General Manager of the East African Steel Corporation.

He is married to Vicky Tibayongwa and the couple has been blessed with five biological girls and two adopted children bringing them to a total of seven.


William spent the first six years of his management career with East African Steel Corporation Limited (EASC) as the General Manager.

I then joined Uganda Investments Authority (UIA) as the Deputy Executive Director and later became UIA’s Acting Executive Director for a period of three years.

In 1998 I became the Managing Director of Uganda’s National Water and Sewerage Corporation which I headed until 2011.

Life After NWSC

Immediately after leaving NWSC in November 2011, Muhairwe founded 2ML Consulting Limited, an International Management and leadership Company that partners with organizations to deliver responsive technical assistance and specialized capacity building solutions all over the world.

Through 2ML Consulting Limited and as an individual consultant, I have worked with Governments, Private sectors and external Agencies like the World Bank, UNHABITAT, USAID, and DAFIDA to provide leadership and management advisory services in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Since January 2013, Muhairwe has served as the CEO of Global Water Leader’s group, a UK based International network that brings together CEO-level water leaders from all over the world for peer review, building of partnerships, development and deployment of common solutions based around the need for better coordination of finance, innovation and regulation; inorder to address the prevalent water services challenges.

Muhairwe is also the founding Director of Muhairwe Education Trust Limited (METL), a non-profit organization that supports disadvantaged students to conduct research and attain higher education.

METL is funded from donations and 30 % of the proceeds from the sell of his book making public Enterprises work; From Despair to Promise, which tells the NWSC story.

This Foundation is currently catering for 10 students who are in different Universities at the moment which include MUK, MUST,and UCU. We call upon donors to come and support the Trust to give hope to the disadvantaged

Award ( Top 25 High Fliers)

Out of the 25 water industry professionals recognized as Water and Wastewater International (WWI)’s Top 25 industry leaders, Dr.Muhairwe holds the 11th position beating many leaders from 1st world countries.

Having managed public companies in Uganda and abroad for more than 19 years, Muhairwe has received many international awards, including The International Award for Outstanding contribution to Management Science from International Water Association in 2010.

Then the International Professorship Award for Expanded knowledge in the global Arena of Academia and Leadership from the United Graduate College and Seminary, Jonesborough Tenners, USA.

Over the course of 13 years he grew NWSC in Uganda to become one of the most successful and profitable utilities.

2ML Consulting

2ML was born out of a realization by a group of experienced professionals with an urgentneed to overhaul and transform underdeveloped utilities especially in urban developing African contexts.

At 2ML Consulting Ltd, we believe that whosoever desires constant success must change their conduct with the times; hence, we stand for quality, innovation, and a sense of Organizational excellence.

Our perspective on Strategic Leadership, Change Management, Performance Improvement and Turnaround Initiatives seeks to better service delivery by empowering our clients/partners.

We believe that our greatest contribution to the good of society comes directly from how best we can help others to lead, manage and do it themselves.

The company employs 10 national and 2 foreign experts to execute its work.

Muhairwe Education Trust Limited

Muhairwe Education Trust Ltd (METL) was set up to give hope to the disadvantaged children through higher education and research, international conference on design education.

The Ugandan government introduced Universal Primary Education and Universal Secondary Education as part of its policy to provide free education in every family.

However, some of these students don’t get the chance to proceed to University.

The trust has come out to help some of these students and we are currently paying tuition for 10 students from different parts of Uganda.

Apart from paying their tution, we also cater for their hostel fees and monitor their grades and behavior.

We strongly believe that these youth will grow up to become responsible citizens that will be influential people in society and also give back to the Trust

NWSC Today

Asked what he thinks about NWSC today,Dr. Muhairwe says the corporation is still among the best performing government utilities in Ugandan.

The current MD who trained under me is a very handworking man and he is doing a great job.

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Trust is Good, Control is better

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