EC Invents New Way Of Locating Polling Stations

In a bid to smoothen the Voting system ahead of 2016 general polls, the Electoral Commission (EC) had introduced Temporary Voting Location Slips (TVLS).

Badru Kigundu
EC Boss Badru Kigundu

The innovation was announced last week by the EC chairman Eng. Badru Kiggundu who revealed that the slips have been issued to voters who are going to vote in the coming Bugiri LC5 bi-election slated for Thursday March 26.

“The slips are to ensure that voters know their polling stations where they will be voting from in advance. These TVLS, however, are in no way a requirement for a voter to turn up and cast his or her vote,” Kiggundu said.

He also announced that campaigns in the area ended last week and dispatch of poling materials to the district was also done

“Adequate administrative, logistical and security arrangements have been made to ensure that all polling stations have their materials and open on time for poling,” he said.

He further said that they have already accredited observers from the NRM party, the FDC, the American Embassy, FRONASA and independent candidates who requested for accreditation.

The bi-election is not only for filling the position of the district chairman which fell vacant but also representative of councilor for Busowa Town Board and female councilor for Kakubansiri Sub county.

The Commission is slated to spend Shs495m on these polls. Over 145,000 voters from 325 polling stations are expected to participate in the bi-election.

The candidates in the race include Siraje Lyavala of NRM, FDC’s Bumaali Luba and three Independents.

The seat fell vacant after the district chairperson Marijani Azalwa was found guilty of assaulting his political opponent David Mulengeni during the 2011 campaigns and was sentenced to six months in prison.

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