I am Catholic Not Illuminati – Chameleone

Following rumors that have been making rounds in the city regarding Chameleone’s attachment to a devil group, he has come out to clear the air.

Jose Chameleone
Jose Chameleone

In a long post on social media last night, Chameleone came out to address the issue by denouncing any involvement with Illuminati group.

“Money has become an excuse that losers use to blame hardworking people. As long as they make money off badmouthing you, it’s okay for them. It’s a Shame. Some of us are built on pillars of God given ability that nobody can take away. I am Catholic NOT illuminati. And will never be,” he posted.

Rumors erupted over the past weeks when he lost his young brother Emanuel Mayanja alias AK47 and failed to reach the grave.

In what was seen as an overcrowded place, Chameleone could hardly get access to the grave of his young brother, which was seen on another angle by eagle-eyed snoops.

For long, singer Jose Chameleone has been linked to the devil worshippers, all starting from his ever shining music career that rose questions amongst his competitors.

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