Kasiwukira Wife Parades Insignificant Sureties, Denied Bail

Justice Elizabeth Jane Alividza rejected an application by Sarah Nabikolo Ssebunya to be temporarily released on grounds that her sureties were not substantial and she did not prove special medical circumstances warranting court to release her.

Sarah Nabikolo (R) and Sandra Nankungu (L) being escorted by a female prison warder after the Court session  (Photo by Stuart Yiga)
Sarah Nabikolo (R) and Sandra Nankungu (L) being escorted by a female prison warder after the Court session (Photo by Stuart Yiga)

“This court sympathizes with her especially as regards her health conditions but notes that all these conditions can be managed by the prison authorities. Therefore, for the reasons stated, the applicant’s request for bail is denied but the state is warned that they should complete investigations and inform the Applicant of the case against her so that she can prepare her defence,” Alividza stated in her objection to the bail.

Through her lawyer Macdusman Kabega, Nabikolo had applied for bail basing on her poor health citing that she is HIV positive.

She also presented three sureties to stand for her who included Roboam Sebikeje, Kakonge Sewava a retired civil servant and resident of Busukuma Sub-County Wakiso district, Pastor Francis Katongole of Christ Revival Center Wankulukuku and resident of Kirundu Zone Makindye Division and Juliet Lwanga a resident of Ddewe in Bwebajja Wakiso district.

The judge rejected all the sureties as not being substantial because they did not bring documentary evidence to prove capacity to meet the monetary obligations court was likely to impose on Nabikolo in case she absconds.

“Looking at the sureties, Sebikeje is a farmer but court was not told his economic soundness, what assets he has and the exact location of his farm so I find that there is insufficient proof of his ability to stand surety,” Alividza reasoned.

She further stated that Pr. Katongole did not bring proof from his church that he is indeed a pastor, his income and economic standing was also not made clear to court so she could not trust his ability to pay the bonded money.

Lwanga was also rejected in almost a similar manner for similar reasons.

The Judge further said Nabikolo did not bring evidence to prove that she owned the house in Muyenga Diplomat Zone which in fact is her matrimonial home that she was sharing with the deceased or proof of co-ownership of the same.

The Judge however advised Nabikolo that she still had a right to re-apply for bail.

Nabikolo was charged with the murder of her husband on December 8, 2014.

She faces the charges with a police officer Ashraf Jaden attached to Muyenga Community police and her sister Sandra Nakkungu.

Kasiwukira was knocked down by a car early morning as he jogged in the neighborhood of his home on October 17, 2014.

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