M7 is a Failure – UPC

Following the dress down President Museveni gave to his cabinet for the disappointing sector performance, the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) spokesperson Okello Lucima said Museveni cannot blame anyone for the failure of his government in delivering services to the people.

Uganda People’s Congress spokesperson Okello Lucima
Uganda People’s Congress spokesperson Okello Lucima

He said this during yesterday’s press conference at the party headquarters at Uganda House in Kampala.

He went further to blame Museveni for failing to control the education and health sectors and claimed that this is the reason why the UPE and the USE programs have not benefited many Ugandans.

Okello said that many people have run away from the system to private schools which they believe give better services.

He beckoned the NRM to realize, accept its failure and poor service delivery in education and health sectors.

During a cabinet meeting that was held this month, Museveni blasted his ministers for not performing well.

Okello Lucima reproved Museveni for being a micro-manager who wants to do everything by himself.

He mention of the taps and markets that the president opens which Okello thinks some of his cabinet members should be doing in an effort to drive his assertion home.

He went on further to say that NRM had failed to fight corruption. Okello added that; “Corruption is the second name of NRM”.

The UPC spokesperson says that Museveni has been with most of his cabinet ministers and he cannot blame anyone because its him who chooses them.

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