MPs Blast Government over TB Fight

Parliament yesterday expressed disappointment with government’s efforts in fighting tuberculosis (TB).


This followed a statement by the Chairperson of the Committee on Health on the World Tuberculosis Day which is observed annually on the 24th March.

The Chairperson and Iki-Iki County MP, Hon. Mutwalante Twa-Twa in his statement to the House said that tuberculosis is the second most common cause of death among the infectious diseases in Uganda after HIV/AIDS.

“Uganda is ranked 20th in TB incidence with an estimated 166 new infections per 100,000 people annually”, he revealed.

Hon. Twa-Twa added that there are more male cases than the females with one female case for every eight cases of males reported.

He also noted that there is limited financial and human resource allocation to control TB infections since it receives little attention.

“There is shortage of health workers trained in diagnosis and management of the disease”, Hon. Twa-Twa added.

Bunyole East MP Hon. Emmanuel Dombo wondered by a committee chairperson would make a statement on a day that is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and yet there is a government minister to do so.

The Member of Parliament for Kwania, Hon. Tonny Ayoo also expressed dissatisfaction with the publicity and information flow about the disease urging government to increase efforts in the fight of TB.

“Government should be serious in combating and mitigating the spread of this disease and not wait for it to become an epidemic before obtaining funds”, he cautioned.

Hon. Gilbert Olanya (Kilak County) urged the Ministry of Health to revive the school sensitisation programmes where health workers would educate students about diseases like TB.

The Deputy Speaker Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah directed the Minister of Health to make a statement on the prevalence of tuberculosis and government’s efforts to combat it.

This year’s World Tuberculosis Day is being observed under the theme, “Reach the 60,000 TB patients in Uganda” with the slogan, “Find, Test, Treat and Cure All”.

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