Nvannungi finally ballooned

Buganda Kingdom princess Sheila Nvannungi is finally pregnant after years of having no child despite her ‘bedminton’ participations.


Over the weekend, a photo showing the heavy Princess surfaced online leaving the fans in utter shock as they tried to ‘wake up’ thinking they are in the days of Noah.

However, judging by the photo, she could be in mid-pregnancy stages since her tummy is visibly protruding from her black blouse.

These rules out previous speculations that insinuated how the princess could be barren since she was aging and no child was seen in her life

Our Snoops are however yet to establish the person behind the ‘live scoring’ of the charming-Coarse-voiced princess.

This comes amidst speculations that she was axed from the Mengo based CBS FM, something that the management refuted claiming that she is currently on a leave.

Indeed it may have been a maternity leave since she looks heavy.

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