OLD HABBITS DIE HARD: Tycoon Jamil Splashing Money Again

It’s indeed true old habits die hard; Late last year mystery city tycoon wannabe Jamil Ssentongo was fleeced in a fake mineral deal losing a tune of shs1.5bn but this has not stopped him from doing what he does best, splashing money.

Tycoon Jamil speaking at a Friend’s graduation party

The latest gossip reaching our desks shows that he is still headstrong that he is on money splashing roller-coaster.

Our sources reveal that early February Jamil caused a stampede at a friend’s graduation party when he made the whole place rain money.

Jamil's bouncer counting the dimes that splashed
Jamil’s bouncer counting the dimes that splashed

“He splashed money and everyone at the party was wondering who this young and flamboyant tycoon is,” revealed the source.

We have learnt that he must have landed another great money deal that is spear heading him to splash money like he owns an oil well in any of the Middle East countries.

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