The Era of E-Commerce; Reasons Why You Should Be Shopping Online

The World is Evolving. The BBC people often say Times are not as they used to be.

And no, I am not referring to the British Broadcasting Corporation, but rather the prestigious individuals who were Born Before Computers.

Now, everyone seems to be under the hypnosis of foreign social influence in the name of keeping up with what is said to be “trendy”.

Before we know it, we will behell-bent on managing and maintaining the generational lifestyle of smartphones, sex-tapes, and Instagram. Oh Wait… Its too late, we already are!

Social media and the internet are playing a vital role in shaping the norms and standards of our “Fair Nation”.

And inspite of the few (….okay, not so few) instances of where these concepts have been misutilized, the world of ICT in Uganda still bears a fighting chance in the form of E-commerce.

E-commerce can be defined as the buying and selling of goods over the internet. Locally, this concept is still more-or-less new and therefore can’t be considered as a fully established industrial sector.

This is partly attributed to the fact that a majority of the locals (being uneducated or illiterate) are still warming up to the whole idea of shopping online.

The other finger can be pointed at the stubborn fraction of the BBC population who simply prefer not to associate with the “new way” of doing things.

I don’t know whether this is fear, or plain ignorance that stands in the way of social evolution, but hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

However, in a bid to change these perceptions, people should look at the online shopping scene in Uganda and recognize the impact e-commerce has had on the society as a whole.

With companies like Kaymu, you realize how the traditional mode of shopping in stores is both inconvenient and unnecessary.

This E-commerce enterprise serves as a platform between buyers and sellers from across the country, providing you with the sweet escape from having to deal with hot afternoons running around town trying to find the right items, or having to wait for long lines and cues to die down.

The lengthy and tiresome process of shopping is brought to an end with the click of a button.

You can now view, browse, compare and select items ranging from fashion and electronics to vehicles and home appliances, all from the comfort of your home, office, or any other destination.

In addition to saving fuel money, online shopping is a concept that is open 24/7, thereforeyou are not limited to store hours.

Especially for those of us that work late nights, food-shopping sites such likeHelloFoodare especially advantageous.

But food aside, shopping at a venue that has no closing hours also allows you to take your time browsing and prevents you from making a hasty or expensive purchase without thinking it through.

And if you’re trying to surprise your children with toys, you can shop online after they go to bed.

Sites such as Kaymu also present a number of amazing offers and discounts to make your shopping experience much better.

A benefit you would not enjoy as often if you were shopping offline, but knowing how Ugandans like cheap (if not free) things, online shopping sites make their products more appealing by offering free or discounted shipping/delivery most of the year, especially when you spend a certain amount of money.

Bargaining aside, online shopping brings the setting of price standards to a whole other level. With the variety of prices on different products online, buyers are granted the opportunity to browse, compare and contrast the various offers on items and select accordingly.

This helps you find the best deal without even moving a muscle. One of the best online shopping features is finding the same product at a lower cost from a store or seller that iscloser to you or in your area.

E-commerce also allows you to expand the borders and limits of trade by encountering offers, deals, and products outside the country.

Shop for items from around the world and have it shipped and delivered to you within a matter of days, depending on the distance in question.

Not to mention gift shopping; shopping online gives you limitless possibilities in finding the perfect item for a friend or family member.

With internet shopping, you can browse through handmade beauty and bath gifts, artwork, clothing, and jewelry from anywhere in the world and have it delivered to your doorstep

From whichever angle you look at it, online shopping dwarfs the traditional methods of buying and selling. And as humanity evolves further, e-commerce is and will be the way to go. So the earlier you get with the program, the better.

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