World’s Oldest Serving Politician Phelemon Mateke Exports Comedy To Parliament

State minister for regional affairs Phelemon Mateke who is also the World’s oldest serving politician cracked ribs of members of parliament appointments committee with the way he responded to questions.

World’s Oldest Serving Politician Mateke Phelemon
World’s Oldest Serving Politician Mateke Phelemon

Mateke who started by introducing himself as instructed by Kadaga, made the whole committee crack their ribs when he learnt that UPC’s Betty Amongi was in the house.

“Kadaga introduced all members to him and as soon as she introduced Betty Amongi [UPC], Mateke man laughed several times leaving the committee in total amazement,” revealed the source.

Mateke stood up, stretched his arm and greeted Amongi as he laughed loudly that members remembered his political past.

“I am Mateke Phelemon. I am happy that you have seen me physically because the media has been saying that I am too old to even walk. But here I am,” he started as members laughed

He further made the house laugh when he said that he is not old.

“I am not old. I am capable of travelling. You can see that I can move from Kisoro to here. I am not old,” he stated as members shook their heads wondering about his age.

Mateke’s age is not well documented; people close to him trace his birth way back to around 1922.

He was an active civil servant by 1947, and by the time President Museveni picked him to head the Regional Affairs Ministry, he had just retired from politics after serving as the Kisoro District Chairman.

At around 93 years, the ageing man exercises remarkable influence in the Kisoro region and his word is taken with utmost prudence.

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