Zari Tirelessly Hiding Tummy

After swallowing a live leg, socialite Zari Hassan is relentlessly hiding her bulging tummy which has lately made her uncomfortable.

Zari is now posting her behind pictures
Zari is now posting her behind pictures

She used to post selfies of her make-up drowned face and front photos depicting her curves but all this is history in her life.

In recent photos, Zari is only seen posting photos showing her back in a move to hide her protruding belly from the eagle-eyed snoops.

The last time she posted front photos on her social media, her tummy was visibly increasing as compared to her formerly flat one.

The development comes shortly after rumors started making rounds that her faithfulness towards her Tanzanian toy boy may not be guaranteed.


This is after she was spotted in Cape Town at Quay Four sea food restaurant-a place that is well known for having the most sluts in South Africa.

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