City celebrities stuck in celibacy Busted

When one exceeds 25 years, it is prudent of him or her to make sound marital decisions like introducing their loved ones or rather bonkmates for that matter, have a wedding ceremony and the like.



However, some prominent personalities in the city have decided to voluntarily remain celibate!

Today, we profile and expose those aging ‘celibates’ who only open their zips to have a short call instead of bonking – yet money seems to be less of their worries.

Jane Kasumba

The newly appointed MD of government-owned broadcaster UBC is evidently old but shockingly single. Believed to be in her late 40’s, one would expect her to be babysitting grandchildren but she continues to concentrate much on her career than ‘giving men some’. Whatever reason she has for being ‘celibate’ remains a mystery but snoops say she may have faced terrible love experiences in her childhood which haunt her to date.

Faridah Nakazibwe

She is sexy, employed and arguably witty but still single despite the love-hungry city hunks yearning to literally chase her down the street and mount her! Despite being in relationships previously, she has spent most of her lifetime single – and NRM boss Moses Kigongo run out of patience!

Joel Khamadi

When, you visit your in-laws and you’re served a whole chicken, you don’t know where to start munching it from. Now, that is this Serena based sports anchor and producer. The only time the word marriage comes near his name, its only does so jokingly. First, it was reported that he was bonking Josephine Karungi, his workmate; now the grapevine is that he is potentially ‘climbing’ Fabiola! Whatever he is doing with whichever woman, he remains one of the most eligible city bachelors.

Bryan Mckenzie

He has the money that would be enough for both him and his ‘wife’ but for the past years, Mckenzie has remained shockingly single and a proud single dad.

Whatever happened to him and his baby mama remains a mystery but it must have been so serious that it scared him away from women. Since he last ‘came’, he has remained single and a proud single dad. Full stop!

 James Onen

This one doesn’t believe in God; what makes one think he will believe in a woman, sex or marriage? When he talks about relationships and sex, you insinuate that he is holding onto his whopper; but wapi! Even if this over 40 year old atheist was incarcerated for over a year with a hot babe, she would be found untouched! The Crane Chambers based loud mouth is not about to bonk or marry anyone. Women who are spending nights smoking wind pipes (emindi) to get his attention should stop. Period!

Flavia Tumusiime

Men will continue knocking their faces against walls while walking unless this gorgeous Kisementi based radio presenter marries them – but how many will she marry? Nobody knows her reason for being single at 27 yet by 18 she was ripe for human consumption! She was in the past linked to soul singer and ladies heartthrob, Maurice Kirya though the latter came out to claim the two are merely platonic friends. Coward!

Maurice Kirya

What is the use of boasting the highest number of secret admirers but not marrying them or at least bonking one of them? So annoying . . .

Moses Golola

This list would be incomplete without this motor mouth. If indeed, he can merely look at a woman and she becomes pregnant, then all our children would not be ours. But again, how will Golola impregnate our wives, mothers and daughters yet he eludes them in a manner reminiscent to a man standing before his mother – in law! The only time he got close to a woman was when he reportedly ‘fingered’ UBC’s Fifi weeks ago – moreover in clothes. Next please . . .


Keko, real names Jocelyn Tracey has never been hooked by a man despite having a blossoming music career. I doubt she knows how firm an erection is! As a result, the rumourmill has always romantically linked her to a fellow singer though no evidence has ever been obtained.

Siima Sabiti

She is sexy, witty and has a good command of English, and yes, she also features on this list because she has no lover whosoever. Snoops attribute her ‘celibacy’ to being a career woman but how many career women are married or are being bonked? Just asking . . .

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