Don’t Employ Students Who Strike-Mondo

Employers in Uganda have been cautioned against employing students who have made it a habit to lead and appear in strikes in all higher institutions of learning.

TASKED_ Henry Banyenzaki (L0 Mondo Kagonyera (C) and Nathan Twesigye presiding over MBI 12th Graduation
TASKED_ Henry Banyenzaki (L0 Mondo Kagonyera (C) and Nathan Twesigye presiding over MBI 12th Graduation

The call was made by Prof Mondo Kagonyera the Chancellor of Makerere University on Friday while officiating over the 12th graduation ceremony of Makerere Business Institute (MBI) at the institution’s premises in Kikoni-Kampala.

Kagonyera noted that there is need for the hooliganisms being exhibited among students noting that there are other amicable avenues to address their grievances other than destroying property within the surrounding areas.

“The most important value you can get is ethical value, it doesn’t matter whether you get a first class or not, if you are not disciplined, those qualifications are worth next to none. There are people who think that when you strike and the cameras catch you that is when you are fantastic,” said Kagonyera.

He added that; “If i was an employer, i would look carefully if i saw you destroying people’s property. You would not get a job anywhere, so discipline is more important than those qualifications. And that kind of hooliganism has to stop.”

Nathan Twesigye, the Principal of MBI cautioned the students against the negative attitude towards certain jobs saying this has been greatly responsible for the high levels of unemployment among the young people who want office jobs and amass wealth very fast.

“The youths are facing a big challenge of bad attitude towards certain jobs, you should get to these jobs to learn more skills not earn. The education you have attained here should be used as a password to tap into the opportunity to survive the dynamics of the world,” noted Twesigye.

The graduation saw 1126 students receive diplomas and certificates in Accounting, Business administration, Journalism, Secretarial Studies, Banking and Finance among other academic disciplines with the females representing 62% while males were 38%.

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