Indian Investor Detained Over Human Trafficking

Kabalagala Police Station is holding an Indian investor over allegations of illegal human trafficking and operating without a work permit.

A police detective looking for more files in Patel's office as he looks on
A police detective looking for more files in Patel’s office as he looks on

The arrested Indian investor has been identified as Patel Vijaykumar Babubhai who is the director of Shreeji Uganda Limited that supplies merchandise to supermarkets.

Through his company, he allegedly takes Ugandans abroad for green pastures.

Patel was netted with his Ugandan manager identified as Hilary Agaba at their offices situated in Market B Zone, Kibuli a Kampala suburb.

Nusura Kemigisha the head of Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Officer at Kabalagala police station told our reporters that police got information that Patel has been trafficking Ugandans.

She further revealed that when Ugandans are taken abroad, they don’t do what they had paid for but instead they are recruited as sex workers.

Nusura added that after getting information police sent detectives of crime intelligence for more investigations and they established that he has an office in Kibuli.

Agaba Hillary being hand cuffed by CIID detectives
Agaba Hillary being hand cuffed by CIID detectives

“It’s in this office where Patel forges all the documents for his human trafficking business,” she said adding that, “After getting the whole information, we went and arrested him with his manager as investigations go on.”

Nusura also noted that police opened up a file GEF 18/2015 of forging documents and permits that are used by other Indians in Uganda against Patel and his manager Hilary adding that after investigations they will be taken to court.

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