ISO Operative Wanted Over Robbery

Rashid Sewagudde an operative at Internal Security Organization is wanted by Katwe police for reaping off a Non Government Organization of millions and warning its leaders with death threats.Suspect

Segudde robbed LGBTI Uganda, a non organization that receives and rehabilitates victims of sexual abuse after posing as a sexual harassment victim saying that he needed urgent help.

Elvis Kiwanuka the National Coordinator of LGBTI Uganda told Katwe police that Ssewagudde after explaining his problems he was received and taken care of until he was employed as a full time driver at the organization offices.

Kiwanuka added that he worked so hard and rose fast through the ranks and that given his advanced age he was a consultant and confidant to management.

He added that when he was left in charge, he sold two cars belonging to the organization and took off with cash and other items.

Kiwanuka said that they notified police but later discovered that he was working as a spy attached to the deputy Divisional Internal Security Officer in Kampala Central.

He added that police have failed to arrest the individual and he has continued to threaten his former employers by sending pictures of dead bodies and calling them on anonymous numbers.

Elvis Kiwanuka strongly says that suspicious people follow them after work and they normally find people they don’t know at their gates at night.

Elvis also noted that they have shifted their office three times in one year after two break-ins where computers and hard drives were targeted.

When contacted the Officer in charge CID Benon Ayebale said that the case is being followed up and revealed that the suspect could not be traced easily.

He however noted that the force would continue looking for a clue leading to the arrest of the suspect and the case is at Katwe police under file vide 21/13/4/2013.

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