Kigongo, Olive Multi-billion Property Wrangle Takes New Twist

The Principal Judge has given up on talking to NRM Vice Chairman Hajji Moses Kigongo and “his wife” Olive Kigongo about Out-of-court settlement of their Mosa Court Apartments Dispute.

Kigongo (R) and his aide leaving court (Photo by Alex Bukumunhe)
Kigongo (R) and his aide leaving court (Photo by Alex Bukumunhe)

A source who overheard the closed-door negotiations yesterday informed our snoops that Justice Yorokamu Bamwine finally sent the two warring parties back to the High Court Civil Division to determine whether they should dissolve the company that runs their Mosa Court Apartments and share the proceeds.

“They have to go for a real trial of the matters concerning their dispute in the High Court. They failed to agree on the issue of an Auditor who was to audit the company and establish its worth so that a decision can be taken on how much Hajji Kigongo can compensate her with,” the source said.

It is said that Hajji Kigongo had suggested a city auditor Steven Bamwanga but Olive insisted on getting an auditor from abroad.

It is said she brought an auditor who was asking for Shs200m to audit the Company and she wanted all his bills to be incurred by Hajji Kigongo which he could not accept.

The source further revealed that Hajji Kigongo had also proposed City valuer only identified as Sejjaaka but Olive refused.

“What disturbed Hajji most that whereas negotiations were going on, she was going around telling her friends and comrades that she had already cornered him and that he is already on his knees begging to pay her whatever amount she wanted,” the source said.

Olive dragged Kigongo to the High Court Civil Division seeking dissolution of Mosa Court Apartment Company so that they can share the proceeds from the Mosa Court Hotel next to Sheraton hotel.

In her affidavit in support of her case Olive claimed to co-own Mosa Court with Kigongo and being his wife.

Olive leaving court (Photo by Alex Bukumunhe)
Olive leaving court (Photo by Alex Bukumunhe)

She claimed Kigongo owns 85% shares and she 15%, but that Kigongo threw her out of the business which affected her interest as a shareholder.

In response, Kigongo denied being legally married to her and revealed how he learnt that she was running down the company owing to her lavish lifestyle.

It was at this point that Justice Bamwine offered to mediate the standoff so that they can solve their issues out of court.

In the first closed-door mediated talks, Olive through her lawyer Peter Walubiri allegedly asked for USD10m to withdraw her case.

In turn, Kigongo through his lawyer; Macdosman Kabega and Fred Muwema informed the Principal Judge that the Company was run down by her and can no longer afford to raise that money.

It was on this basis that the Principal Judge asked them to meet in Kabega’s chambers to iron out the issue of figures.

When they returned on March 11, 2015 they had failed to agree and the Principal Judge again asked them to appoint independent auditors and valuers to ascertain the exact worth of the company.

He directed them to return yesterday (April 9, 2015) and when they returned, they still had not agreed on any valuer or Auditor to help ascertain the worth of the company.

This means that their case file will be taken back to the Registrar High Court Civil Division Phesto Nsenga who will give them the judge and the date on which to appear for scheduling and hearing.

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