Komuntale Husband Fights For Sex, Arrested

Embattled Ruth Komuntale husband, Christopher Duke Thomas has been arrested in Kabowa a Kampala suburb.

Komuntale and her hubby Thomas
Komuntale and  Thomas

Christopher who is currently detained at Katwe police station was arrested on Friday morning after his current girlfriend Gloria M Banza rushed to police for help after being thumped to pulp by the duke of Tooro.

While recoding a statement at police Gloria revealed how the booze hero Christopher woke up in the morning and started demanding for sex when she was going to work.

When she refused, he began abusing her of being a whore and sleeping with other city men.

The argument gained momentum, tempers flared and they started fighting until Chris over powered Gloria.

The neighboring residents intervened and separated the fighting couple.

Gloria Immediately rushed to Police and reported on how she was beaten to tatters.

“He has beaten me up, all my body is swelling, I can’t tolerate his unruly behavior anymore because next time he might kill me,” Gloria painfully narrated to the cops.

Police rushed to Kabowa and found Christopher in the bedroom. T

hey arrested him while picking the evidence of broken glasses and torn clothes of  Gloria which were also recorded.

According to OC CIID Katwe Police station, Benon Ayebale confirmed the arrest and said they had opened 2 cases of malicious damage and assault under fileSD39/17/4/2015.

“It’s true Thomas was arrested from Kabowa due to domestic violence he exhibited to his lover of Congolese origin so we shall charge him accordingly. This is not the first time is he entangled in such unlawful acts so he has to face law in order to refrain from fighting,” roared Ayebale

Christopher’s lawyer Shiela Namaye was bitter with the way police handled her client’s case because he was harassed and tortured.

“They stopped me from talking to him. When he called me I rushed to police I found that he was already in cells but they denied me a chance to talk to him because they were calling him a stranger who deserved to be deported to USA,” said Namaye

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