LAWYER MUGYENYI MURDER! Widow’s Brother Arrested At Rwanda Border

As security agencies continue to dig into the real culprits that could have masterminded the murder of the prominent city lawyer, George Mugyenyi, news reaching Red pepper indicate that the brother to the deceased’s widow identified only identified as Ruzibiza, has been arrested to help  in  the ongoing investigations.

ARRESTED Ruzibiza the brother to Jovia Mugyenyi (Widow) of  the murdered city lawyer George Mugyenyi (Photo by Stuart Yiga)
ARRESTED Ruzibiza the brother to Jovia Mugyenyi (Widow) of the murdered city lawyer George Mugyenyi (Photo by Stuart Yiga)

According to security sources, Ruzibiza, was arrested as he tried to flee the country through Uganda-Rwandan border early this week.

It is alleged that, Jovia’s brother seem to have hired ‘killer mercenaries’ from Rwanda that finished the life of the late Mugyenyi.

“Mugyenyi’s style of killing is not common here in Uganda, its commonly practiced in Rwanda that’s why we suspect him to have hired the killers from there,” one of the family members was overheard narrating to a colleague.

Before Mugyenyi was murdered, the netted suspect had allegedly gone to Rwanda and in the same week he came back is when Mugyenyi was murdered.

Shockingly still, security is verifying information that Jovia Mugyenyi also had a visit to Rwanda after she had sold about fifty (50) of her cows from the farm in Ngoma-Nakaseke District, worth seventy five Million Uganda shillings (Shs75m), just a week before her husband was murdered.

It is also alleged that, in the course of the investigations, security became suspicious of Jovia’s brother.

This prompted them to confiscate his travel documents. At this time, they did not arrest him but remained monitoring his movements.

“That man (Ruzibizi) had left the farm sometime back and upon knowing that he was trying to flee, security between Uganda-Rwandan borders was tightened and by God’s luck they got him at the border post before he crossed,” an impeccable source told Red pepper.

Meanwhile, some sources intimated to us that, security is in touch with a yet to be identified man that is suspected to have sold ‘Poisonous substances’ that could have been used by the deceased in ‘committing suicide’ and also the controversial suicide note which was allegedly recovered from the deceased’s vehicle shows that it was in his real hand-writing although it is highly believed that he could have written it on gun point since in his capacity as a qualified lawyer, it is still difficult to believe whether he wrote it when he was sober .

However, many of the family insiders are disagreeing with the suicide issue, saying that, the deal to kill their own seem to have been hatched by one of the close family members.

Jovia Kobusingye Mugyenyi (2nd R) deliberating her acclamation at All Saints Cathedral  (All Photos by Stuart Yiga)
Jovia Kobusingye Mugyenyi (2nd R) deliberating her acclamation at All Saints Cathedral (All Photos by Stuart Yiga)

Basing on this clue, security quickly started investigating the wife (widow-to the deceased) as she was being rumored to have known something that claimed her late hubby’s life.

Moses Muhoozi, a close friend to the deceased and a renowned property broker was highly suspected to have had a hand in the murder of the late layer from Agaba Magulu & Co. Advocates.

Muhoozi was arrested by Police minutes before the burial of the deceased and was detained at Kiwoko Police Station before he was transferred to Kampala


According to inside family sources, Jovia Mugyenyi and her late husband had some bickering cropping up as a result of wealth and family related grievances although it was a highly kept secret.

It is alleged that, by the time Mugyenyi married Jovia, in 1989; he already had three children who included; Stella Mutesi Mugyenyi, Ivan Mugabe Mugyenyi, and Agness Mugyenyi, all from different women.

Mother to Mutesi Stella-died and was originally an in-law to Mugyenyi.

Stella Mugyenyi mother’s family also allegedly disappeared under unclear circumstances and up to date, no one could tell where it is.

Since she wanted to trace and know the whereabouts of her mother, Stella allegedly attempted to trace for her but this almost landed her in trouble.

Besides Stella, also Ivan Mugabe grew up not knowing who his mother was.

His dad (Mugyenyi) and the step mum (Jovia) allegedly used to tell him that his mother had died and its alleged that the dad could not show him his biological mother due to the tough conditions Jovia had put on him.

Because he had acquired a lot of wealth including land, herds of Cattle, building, among others, before he was murdered, he had allegedly started allocating part of his wealth to his children whom he had before he got married to Jovia.

While as his mother (Mariam) seconded his son to give an upper hand to other family members, Jovia never wanted this to happen.

On learning that her mother-in-law was supporting her son, some internal misunderstandings’ cropped up slowly by slowly.

By that time, his mum was staying at the farm in Ngoma.

In 2001-2004, Mugyenyi allegedly stopped her wife from taking decisions or playing any role in issues regarding the farm shortly after the death a sister to Mugyenyi-Bazigaga Kazigo.

Kazigo left over 65 herds of cattle (and had two step sons-Geoffrey Ngarambe & Mary Kazugo)

The family Friends Association members expressing their commendation to the late George Mugyenyi
The family Friends Association members expressing their commendation to the late George Mugyenyi

In her will, she (Kazigo) told Mugyenyi that, out of her 65 cows, he would pick 15, cows and give them to Ngarambe Geoffrey and 10-to Mary and use the remaining 40, to get school fees for the two children.

Surprisingly, when Mugyenyi picked these two children to his home in Muyenga-Diplomat zone, where he used to stay before he made a surprise shift to Kansanga, Jovia allegedly chased them away.

She allegedly also ordered the daughter to Bakevuga to board a bus to take her up to Rwanda despite the fact that she did not know anyone there.

It took close to two weeks for her to trace her family and she was basing on the written note which (Jovia) had availed to the girl before she dispatched her to Rwanda via the bus.

When he learnt about it (Mugeyenyi) allegedly got annoyed and wondered what had really prompted her wife (Jovia) to reach an extent of pushing his relative from his home.

Another scenario is about the Kings Cross guest house located opp. Kabalagala Shell before he sold it off. The business was doing badly which prompted George to complain.

This property had been registered in the names of Jovia and Mugyenyi, which means that each owns it 50/50 in shares.

Until he met his death, the deceased did not own a driver since most of the employees including; drivers, managers, relatives, and step children (Stella Mutesi) had been banished from home.

As a reserved and a man of peace, he (Mugyenyi) left her wife (Jovia) to do what she felt good would please her.

Before he died, he had given part of his land (a half mile), located in Buwana-Kinyogoga Sub County-to his cousin brother-Frank Katakaaza and his family which also annoyed his wife Jovia.

In addition still, when his son Mugabe Ivan accomplished his studies in Nairobi recently, he (Mugyenyi) took him to the farm and at his own will, gave him 200 Boran cows, to enable him start his life. This annoyed Jovia to the extent that she wanted to divorce.

This mater allegedly sparked a serious quarrel between the couple with Jovia accusing his hubby of being discriminative when it comes to distributing wealth amongst the children.

When the battle escalated, Ivan Mugabe ended up being given only 100 cows instead of the 200, which the deceased had proposed to give him in a bid to appease his wife who was allegedly unhappy with the move.

Out of the four children that Jovia produced with the deceased, two allegedly refused to further their studies up to the university level and the deceased decided to recruit them in his Nsambya based Rimax a real estate’s company.

The deceased had even proposed to sell off part of his farm so as to concentrate on his real estate company alongside the manageable exotic local breeds of cattle, a proposal which Jovia let down.

It is also alleged that, the deceased was also in talks with a certain company to sell off close to 60 acres of his land at shs.1 billion shillings. The said land is occupied with rock.

It’s however not clear whether he (Mugyenyi) had received the money or not because this is also a very prudent issue that Police is likely to monitor so as to know if the killers intended to take his money or not.

Still on the issue of Ivan, the elder son of the deceased allegedly got a girl friend but when he intimated it to his late father, he was promised some help in terms of dowry (cows) but when this leaked to Jovia who allegedly objected to the proposal.

“You had just given him cows, why doesn’t he pick from those ones instead of adding him more,” Jovia allegedly told the deceased.

Until his father died, Ivan Mugabe had not wedded his wife although they had started staying together just because the girl had conceived.

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