M7 Yet To Get His Shower Room

President Museveni will have to wait a little longer as far as exercising his right to showering while at his work station on parliamentary building.



This is so because, the contractor assigned to carry out this work is yet to finish his work despite a lapse in the completion period for this contract. This data is contained in a progress report date March25/2015 by parliamentary commission.

The commission two years ago undertook to construct new offices for members of parliament and also adding an additional floor on top of parliament. The floor covers the three wings of parliament including north, east and south. The president who sometime back was ordered by parliament to vacate its buildings is occupying the north wing and as such, the construction gave him new offices and other freebies. Among the freebies includes a shower, wash hand basin, towel rail, glass door shutters among others. The same facilities were also allocated to the speaker and her deputy.

However, according to the report, by the commission overall, the contract has been executed by 97% but ironically, the remaining works touch on the rights of the president.

“Outstanding works include installation of shower to the offices of H.E the president and Rt. Hon. Speaker. Also outstanding is installation of a shower, wash hand basin, towel rail, glass-door shutters among others to the office of the deputy speaker” the report reads.

The report gives details of how the parliamentary commission splashed shs11.3bn on this deal of creating new offices for members.

The deal to construct the offices was awarded to Messrs Seyani Brothers& Co. Ltd. The contract sum was shs11.356bn with a completion period of 10 calendar months. The house according to the dossier, made an advance payment worth shs2.3bn [20%]. The contractor however, didn’t complete the work as per schedule and it was amended several times with extra five months being added to the contractor.

The contractor was supposed to carry out the following activities. He was supposed to make new civil and building works comprising demolition work, installation works, and rehabilitation of independence arch and landscaping among others.


According to the report, the additional floor of parliament [sixth floor] comprised three blocks including east, west and north. The east block according to the report has taken shs1.3bn tax payer’s cash, west taken shs1.5bn and north shs1.9bn all totaling to shs4.8bn. On addition, there were shs275m accounted as preliminaries bringing the figure to shs5.3bn.

The cleaning of external walls has cost shs423m, re-roofing of the conference hall shs51m, landscaping shs303m, storm water drainage shs249m, general plumbing works shs340m, new lifts installation shs726m, generator/transformer shs1.6bn among others.

The report shows that out of the shs11.3bn contract sum, the commission has paid shs8.9bn [79%] to date leaving a balance of shs2.3bn.

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