Salvador’s ‘Machete’ Sexcites Luswata

Who said the most brutal gossip girl in the city doesn’t get starstruck?

Luswata's smile indicates the joy she received from massaging Salvador's machete. Photo by Yusuf Ogola
Luswata’s smile indicates the joy she received from massaging Salvador’s machete. Photo by Yusuf Ogola

Mary Luswata a renowned TV gossip girl was on Friday last week seen getting cozy and super gluing on the famous comedian Patrick Idringi alias Salvador.

We cannot declare or refute any relationship about the two but one thing we are sure of is that they were inseparable at the night of Zzina Awards at theatre La Bonita.

Evidently, Mary Luswata was attracted to Salvador by his relatively sharp machete that she attempted to massage in public.

Laughing and smiling seductively with the comedian, Luswata seemed to be in a high sexual mood that she could not hold her horn until the event was done.

Despite her soft touches and smiles, Salvador remained with all the attention on the event as it unfolded.

However, after the event, he disappeared like an alien which intrigued the motor mouthed girl to look for him outside La Bonita like a dollar note.

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