Security Coins New Anti-Terror Scheme

Security has come with stringent guidelines for all VIPs.


This follows the recent murder of deputy DPP Joan Kagezi. Under the new arrangement according to top sources in security, the community is going to take a central role in spying for the state.

These are some of the new security guidelines that have reportedly been tabled by security minister Mary Karooro Okurut.

Insiders confirmed to us that under the new arrangement, security is supposed to establish a central complaints desk with four toll free lines.

The desk shall be manned by four security officers drawn from all security services including ISO/ESO, CMI, and CIID.

Each of the spy agencies shall be represented by an officer but shall make daily report the security minister for onward submission to the commander in chief Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Insiders also told us that the central desk shall be tasked to create regional desks in the four regions including north, east, west and central.

The regional desks are supposed to coordinate all intelligence data from all area districts on a daily basis through DISOs and also receive community intelligence through toll free numbers that are also going to be created.

The reason for creating the desks is because according to insiders there is a deliberate effort by government to tactfully involve people in security skills the way it is being done on patriotism.

Those leaking information to the state will be given maximum security protection and will not be disclosed.

Sources stated that Karooro’s plan is to ensure that crime detection and prevention is well covered where the state is able to get information even without necessarily counting on intelligence bodies.

In the same arrangement, there is a fear that some of the current spies have abandoned their core tasks and instead some of them are involved in criminal activities.

“It is unfortunate to see that an intelligence officer turns up at a function and he or she wants to be introduced to the gathering. Some even take up front seats at such functions. This is also failing our core purpose as spies because the enemy cannot come where he sees an unfriendly enemy [of the state. A spy is supposed to conceal his or her identity” senior sources in security quoted Karooro as saying.

We have learnt that another means of detecting crime being planned by is joint deployment of spies. Currently, it is police which is mainly on high ways and major city roads.

But in the new arrangement, intelligence is supposed to deploy spies mainly in the town’s major roads where there is constant traffic jam.

In the arrangement, secret vehicles for spies are also going to be deployed and will move along with those privately-owned vehicles in jam.

In the plan, in every 20 vehicles on the road where there is jam, there will be a state vehicle which shall stay in the line until it reaches a specified station and makes a U-turn until and joins the line again.

The aim of this deployment is because of fear that terrorists might be targeting VIPs most of whom they know travel without escorts and lead cars. The list of VIPs includes ministers, members of parliament among others.

“These are prone to attacks. We cannot risk. Our roads are full of jam everyday and it is possible that criminals can use such an opportunity to do carry out their missions. Matters of deployment and crime detection are now critical now that we are going into election time” sources in security confided in us.

Sources explained that Karooro is also planning to summon a meeting of VIPs in different government departments and agencies purposely to enlighten them on how to ensure personal security to avoid surprises. The first batch is ministers and legislators.

They will be taken through basic security lessons mainly on matters of intelligence gathering, crime detection and personal security.

“You find a minister moving at night but he or she is leaving her flag flying on the car at night! Why? You are inviting risks. It is good to fly the flag because it is our pride but there must be precautionary measures. Sometimes you find MPs moving in one car going to Govnor [happening place]. What a mistake? You are a VIP but move like a bunch of matooke! What if something happens?” sources added.

Our sources told us that Karooro’s new security guidelines are being planned to be tabled before the National Security Committee headed by internal affairs minister for discussion.

The same Karooro wants the National Security Act amended in order to rhyme it with the current security threats in the country.

Our sources however, assured the country that the security situation is peaceful despite some threats which are being handled.


In the recent past, the country has witnessed high profile murders right from top clerics to now state prosecutors.

Even some lawyers have since been killed and businessmen. It is however, still unknown on who exactly is behind those attacks but the state blames them on rebel ADF.

A fort night ago, a member of parliament Simon Mayende Dede was netted by security on allegations of being part of the murders

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