State Finds Evidence against 8 Al Shabaab Terror Suspects

Prosecution has found enough evidence against eight people accused of belonging to the Somali-based Al Shabaab Terrorists’ group.

Suspected Al Shabaab terrorists in the dock at Buganda Road court (Photo by Alex Bukumunhe)
Suspected Al Shabaab terrorists in the dock at Buganda Road court (Photo by Alex Bukumunhe)

State Attorney Esther Nalungi told Buganda Road court Grade I Magistrate Pemella Ocaya that they have found enough evidence proving that Mohamed Abdulkadir Hirsi Alias Mohame D Abdul Aziz Adan, Abdi Abdullahi Bootan, Hassan Abduwali Mohamoud, Mohamed Ahmed Gele, Yusuf Osman Hussein, Abdi Ali, Abdul Kadir Mohamed Mohamud Sandir, Mohamad Yusuf Farah belong to the Al Shabaab terrorist organization.

Bellow is the summery of evidence against them:-


Prosecution will adduce evidence at trial to prove the following:

  1. That on the 11th of September 2014 the Uganda Police received information from their foreign counterparts that one of the Al-Shabaab Commander, Adam Garar aka Muhamad had dispatched terrorists to Uganda.
  2. That the Al-Shabaab Commander had instructed the terrorists to identify targets in Kampala and Entebbe where the attacks would simultaneously be carried out.
  3. That the terrorists now accused persons were coordinating their operation using telephone numbers +256 794805367 and +256 794785065 belonging to Ai Abdukadiir Mohamed Mohamud and A5 Yusuf Osman Hussein respectively. They were in constant communication with the Al Shabaab Commander, Adam Garar aka Muhamad on telephone line +252 617186100 regarding their intended attacks in Uganda

4 That the said Adam Garar aka Muhamad using telephone line +252617186100 had contacted one of his sources to deliver two suicide vests to internal coordinating cells in Kampala for the attacks. The vests were supposed to be handed over to the accused persons at Al-qudus guest house in Kisenyi.

5 That in a bid to counter this attack, the Uganda police tracked the said telephone numbers (+256 794805367 and +256 794785065) and they were found to be in use in locations of Kisenyi, Mengo and Bukasa.

Further surveillance established that the accused persons were the owners and users of the said telephone numbers and they were being used in coordinating the intended attacks in Kampala and Entebbe.

  1. That investigat’ons by the police also revealed that the coordinating locations of the accused persons were mainly Al-qudus Guest house in Kisenyi and the surrounding areas of Mengo and Bukasa.
  2. That further investigations by the Uganda police also indicated that another operative known as Ubeyd was supposed to travel from South Sudan between the 12th and 14′” September 2014 to join the accused persons in Uganda to bolster their coordination for the attacks.
  3. That it was established that the accused persons were also using Motor Vehicle Toyota Noah in make with South Sudan registration number plate CE 662X r coordinating the intended attacks. The said Motor Vehicle was beingng driven by A3 Hassan Abduwali Mohamoud and was used in transports the following accused persons; Al mohamad Abdulkadir Hiris. Alias Mohamad Abdul Aziz Adan, A2 Abdi Abdullah! Bootan and A4 Muhamad Ahmed Gele at the time of its interception by the Uganda police.

9 That the prosecut.on shall lead evidence to show that the accused person* belonged to the Al-queda/ Al-shabaab group and that they were ,n constant contact and communicat.on with the terronst group The Al queda/ Al-shabaab terronst group is also highly hnked to the planners of the terror attacks in Somalia.

  1. That prosecution shall adduce evidence that a lot of logistical support was being channeled to the accused persons while in Uganda from the queda \ shabaab terrorist groups.

11 That Uganda Police recovered various exhibits linking the accused persons to the commission of the offences and these shall be relied upon and tendered in Court during trial. Briefly, some of the recovered exhibits include;

  1. Motor vehicle- Noah in make, white in color with South Sudan registration number plates CE 662X.
  2. One Toshiba laptop S/No 8CT 36834R and TOSHIBA Charger GTICO DODPIIO

iii. Six mobile phones

  1. Call data printouts of the accused persons and their counterparts.

WHEREUPON the prosecution will contend that the accused persons have no lawful defence to their actions and pray that they are convicted as indicted.

Rachel W. Bikhole

Principal State Attorney


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