Strange disease downs singer Hajjat Madina Bibuuza

The rate at which celebrities are being bedridden is alarming since every week one artiste or prominent person is pronounced sick and ailing.

Hajjati Madina
Hajjati Madina

Latest information coming through has it that singer Madinah Nambooze famously known as Hajjat Madina Bibuuza is currently down with a strange but serious disease.

Apparently, she was transferred to Mulago hospital but shortly checked into Kadic Hospital in Bukoto from where she was reportedly diagnosed with high blood pressure.

According to close sources, her condition is so alarming since she can hardly walk without any help from someone.

Some impeccable sources also say that she has suffered mental disturbances on several occasions but she is continuing to ask for prayers from her loyal fans.

Her condition has left several fans in shock since the country has lost enough personalities in the recent past.

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