Tracy Bora’s Huge ‘Bean’ Causes Whopper Mayhem At Venom

As earlier speculated, cross-border man-eater Tracy Bora may be planning on a huge comeback onto Uganda’s social scene, through whopper stampedes.

Tracy Bora (L) poses for a Photo
Tracy Bora (L) poses for a Photo

On Friday night, she turned up at the Kabalagala-based Club Venom in another sexually disrupting outfit that left her V shaped bearded meat on full display.

Though it was more covered up than last time, Bora’s southern territory was seen bulging from her tight knickers, leaving various people speculating that she probably has a huge and fatty bearded meat.

Despite the magnitude of the sexual atrocity she had committed, she seemed too confident in herself as she hopped around the club premises.

She was at Venom for the ‘Night in the Emirates’ event which was entirely about Arab culture and this saw various soupy and juicy babes flock the place.

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