UBC’S Lynda Steps Out Without Knickers

OMG, it seems it will take more than Lokodo to completely wipe out the practice of flaunting flesh which has engulfed the city.

Lynda Ddane

There was an attempt on Wednesday night from the sexy UBC presenter Lynda Ddanne where she appeared without any knickers whatsoever.

Appearing in a photo that she posted on her Instagram handle, Lynda was clad in black lingerie but shockingly, she almost put her bearded meat on full display.

However there may erupt self-proclaimed defenders of the sexy presenter claiming that she may Have had a G-string on but there appeared to be no string around her.

The Jam101 show host seemed courageous while posing for the reveling photo though several fans advised her not to show much of her body claiming that she appears sexy even when dressed up.

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