UBC’s Smutty Studio Shocks Nation

If one told you something is state-owned, all you would expect is clean, classy and high-level but that is not the case with UBC TV.

The sorry state of UBC  Studio
The sorry state of UBC Studio

The filth was unleashed by the sexy and hippy singer Winnie Nwagi who had paid them a visit to premiere her latest video, Katono Katono.

On reaching the studios, she could not hesitate to take pictures of herself on TV but this time with no graphic alterations the end-user views.

The studio is dirty, rugged, disorganized and unbelievable for high-profile presenters like Calvin to be in.

On seeing the type of studio the pioneer TV station has, various people have come out to express their views over the health of presenters, with some of the people claiming that even their pigsties are cleaner than UBC studio.

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