Balaam Vows To Put Sense In Radio’s Head

Following his Friday night rants and insults on events guru Balaam Barugahare, Moze Radio may be set for one of his toughest times in the music industry.

Promoter Balaam Barugahara
Promoter Balaam Barugahara

Upon fully digesting the insults, Balaam has vowed to teach the pencil-thin singer a lesson that will probably make him stop disrespecting people.

On Saturday afternoon, the feud between  the two parties took a new direction when Radio was denied access to Festino city where a motor-cross competition was being held.

Apparently, the event was organized by Balaam and bouncers were given orders not to allow Radio access the venue.

After the public rants Radio issued on Friday at Hotel Africana, various stakeholders have come out to condemn his actions pointing out the fact that  the Radio and Weasel camp will need Balaam’s services anytime.

Radio and Weasel
Radio and Weasel

‘‘Moze Radio attacking Balaam at Africana hotel during the concert was therefore wrong, unbelievable and absurd. He should have instead blamed his manager. He has now opened up a war that might not be helpful to the music industry,’’ a concerned citizen said.

It should be noted that during the concert, Radio’s singing partner Weasel never uttered a single word that was not in line with the show.

Source of the bitter split

Three weeks ago, Lawrence the manager of the Radio and Weasel signed 7 million shillings on their behalf for them to perform in Gulu where President Museveni was the Chief Guest.

At the day of the event, Radio and Weasel didn’t appear and Lawrence’s phone was off. This did not only piss off Balaam but also the 4 MPs who were part of the organizing committee.

One week after the event, all efforts to make Lawrence pay back the money proved fruitless.

It’s then that Balaam decided to open up a police case.

Lawrence was arrested a day before the Best of Radio and Weasel concert.

Lawrence spent the whole day in Jinja road police station coolers until all the cash was raised (7million).

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