Besigye’s Top Aide Declares Presidential Bid

As opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) political party further faces leadership imbroglio, former leader Col Kizza Besigye’s right hand man Moses Byamugisha has shown interests to present the party at the national level in the next polls.

Moses Byamugisha
Moses Byamugisha

Byamugisha made the pronouncement last week as he hosted a group of FDC youth leaders at amazing grace gardens along Bombo road in Kampala.

A source privy to this closed door meeting, revealed to this newspaper that majority of the attendants assured Byamugisha of full support by expressing fury at the FDC administration (both regimes) for deliberately curtailing the young people a chance to participate in active politics yet they form majority support base about 75%.

“I was no longer seeing any reason to participate in the FDC because as a youth I saw that we were actively engaging in the full affairs of our party. But following your announcement I can assure you that we are back,” a youth leader is quoted to have said.

Speaking exclusively to Red Pepper, Byamugisha confirmed his declaration saying he has thought about it for a long time to offer himself for FDC presidency after conducting consultative meetings in 76 districts.

“I am sober, I don’t drink alcohol neither do I smoke. Whatever decision I take know I have thought about metaphorically,” he said adding that he has entered the race with clear mind set.

He further noted that he intends to instill into his followers that an election is completely hard to remove President Yoweri Museveni, therefore a new strategy so different from Besigye and Muntu approach must be crafted.

Asked what that approach is, he declined revealing it saying it’s not the right time.

Asked if he will pull out in case his ‘godfathers’ Besigye and Nandala Mafabi decide to contest, he was quick to maintain that; “No. I have made up my mind already.”

He ironically said that the old people have run out of ideas and it’s the reason to why the once powerful opposition party is sinking.

Contacted for a comment, the FDC spokesperson John Kikonyogo said he wasn’t aware of Byamugisha’s bid but added that everyone in FDC with a minimum of 35 years of age is free to stand.

“I encourage anybody who wants to contest as along as he qualifies, and it’s very health since we shall not have sole candidate like some other parties. But decrying active participation as a youth, I don’t think he is right. Youth worldwide don’t wait for orders but rather can be advised,” he said.

FDC is set to nominate its flag bearer this year amidst leadership crisis.

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