FDC Forms Whopper Squad

The opposition FDC has been accused of allegedly forming a deadly criminal gang whose main purpose is to rape and kill students and women.

Security Minister Mary Karooro Okurut
Security Minister Mary Karooro Okurut

The overall aim is to allegedly disrupt upcoming elections.

In a security brief to security minister Mary Karooro Okurut, intelligence suggests that the ongoing murders of students is allegedly part of the grand plot to fail elections.

We have learnt that on Tuesday evening, Karooro summoned intelligence bosses at her office.

The minister wanted to know why there are ongoing killings of students.

However, according to sources, intelligence gathered indicated that there is a deadly squad of criminals that is also opposed to government and is responsible for the ongoing killings.

The criminal gang according to intelligence brief disrupts upcoming elections and also cause fear among people so that they kick out Museveni from state house.

The gang is code-named ‘RK2016’ meaning ‘Rape and Kill 2016’! Sources told us that the RK gang is well facilitated and coordinated.

It is composed of whopper wielding muscular men whose main targets are students and women.

The brief claims that by raping more students and women, this would force an uprising using students.

As for lay women, the move is to force them abandon Museveni whom according to intelligence are keeping him in power.

The overall aim is to cause insecurity around the female gender which Museveni opponents feel has always been key to his stay in power.

“The group is called RK2016. It is well facilitated and coordinated by opposition groups. It is driven by rape and kill as its core values. This is why students are dying. The only option is for them and women in general to move in groups and being extra careful while moving in the dark,” the sources added.

According to sources, security was also informed that another strategy is to recruit women and strip in public places.

This stripping started in Amuru where women went naked and exposed their yoyos to government ministers Aronda Nyakairima and Daudi Migereko.

The same stripping squad nearly did this at parliament during a failed demonstration led by FDC women’s league Ingrid Turinawe.

Efforts to talk to Karooro were futile after she said ‘I am in Entebbe for cabinet meeting’

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