Hippy Winnie causes Scrotal Eruptions at Hotel Africana

Uganda’s music industry is so blessed with various sexy and hippy singers, and among those, Winnie Nwagi stands out with unimpeded sexual powers.


While attending the best of Radio and weasel concert at Hotel Africana, various men lost grip of their salivary glands after setting eyes on her soupy body.

Dressed in a short, thigh-reveling dress Winnie flaunted her awesomely shaped butt attached on her juicy ripe thighs that left men salivating.

After staging a successful performance of her hit single ‘Embeera’ Winnie dedicated 30 seconds of her time to flaunting her assets that sent the crowd into uncontrollable ululations.


According to impeccable sources, Winnie is currently having her eclipse viewed by one of the bosses at Swangz Avenue, which is also her official record label.

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