How to Find Her Sweet Spot

There are so many ways to seduce a woman that the average guy really has a problem choosing which way he thinks will work best for him.

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I found a long time ago, that there are a lot of ways to seduce a woman that either just do not feel right, or they are too random and you have to end up approaching a lot of women just to get one hooked on you.

For me, that was more than enough to realize that some ways to seduce a woman definitely are much better than others.

One of the best methods of seducing a woman is what I call, finding her “sweet spot.” Now, what this entails is not what you are probably thinking.

It has more to do with her mind than her body. When you want to find a woman’s sweet spot, what you are really looking for are those sexual triggers that will make her feel an emotional connection to you RIGHT AWAY.

Why is this so important?

Because, most women understand the game better than guys do. No matter how slick or how smooth that you might think you are, she already knows that what you are really after is those three letters, S-E-X. And because of this, most women are quick to put up their guard, because they don’t want to be seen the wrong way, and let’s face it…they meet a LOT of men that want to have sex with them.

They HAVE TO put up some barriers.

By finding a woman’s sweet spot, or those sexual triggers within her, you can kind of bypass that resistance and make her see you as one of those “select” guys that she is not going to immediately shut down and shut off in her mind. This is where you are going to gain an EDGE over most men out there.

So, how do you start to find a woman’s sweet spot?

You have to get her talking. Plain and simple. Getting a woman to open up through conversation will reveal a LOT if you are paying attention. The thing is, you have to get her talking about the RIGHT things. You cannot just try and get a conversation going about some really DULL topic. You have to work your way into conversations about dating, relationships and SEX.

She will REVEAL ALL you need to know.

After a short conversation with a woman, I can almost always tell what technique will work on her, just because I have gotten her to open up and reveal how to seduce her. Of course, she is not going to come right out and say, “this is how to get me in bed.” If she tells you that she likes to dance for example, then you know that you NEED to get her out on that dance floor right away.

Being able to read a woman is pretty easy when you know what to look for, and when you can read a woman right off the bat, you can find her sweet spot and start to seduce her any way that you want to.

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