I Will Parade Your Dirty, Torn Knickers — Top Pastor Warns Lands Boss

The boss of Uganda Lands Commission Sarah Basangwa Kulata has dragged city Pastor Deo Semakula of Holy Ghost Healing Tower to Police accusing him of threatening her life after the Pastor said he will bring her dirty, torn knickers and the skirt she put on while in senior four.

Lands boss Sarah Basangwa Kulata
Lands boss Sarah Basangwa Kulata

This was revealed in a heated argument between the two at Kulata’s office after she openly told Pastor Semakula that she was not ready to cancel the land titles after finding out that the land in Kawanda that is under contention was acquired fraudulently.

According to the source in the Lands commission, the man of God told Kulata that he was going to wrap the knickers and the skirt the lands boss used to put on while in senior four and present them to her.

“Look here woman; do you know that I can bring you your dirty knickers and the skirt you used to put on while in senior four? It’s time you started doing as I say because I am a prophet and man of God who can do anything to you,” said Semakula according to sources.

Soon after the quarrel, Kulata was told by one of the staff members that Pastor Semakukla can do it citing an example of a former church choir member whom he told that she was going to die after she had denied him sex saying that she was getting married.

Pastor Deo Semakula
Pastor Deo Semakula

The staff member confirmed that to Kulata that the sex hungry pastor said that he could not contain the humiliation of being rejected by a young girl and removed his trousers and flashed his naked bum at the girl.

She has since fallen sick and got paralyzed to the extent that she cannot take herself to the toilet.

The staff member cited several incidents one of which Pastor has ordered his congregation to join him and they curse one of the ladies that rejected him for marriage and later died.

The confessions threatened the lands boss who rushed to Central Police station, Kampala where she filed a case of threatening violence in room 73.

Issa Magombe the officer handling the case summoned pastor Deo who was escorted by some of his church goers and was subjected to intensive grilling for four hours before he was granted a Police bond.

When called on his known contact, Issa Magombe said that the case was still premature and there was no need to rush it to media as it would jeopardize the investigations.

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