Judith Heard Turns Into Walking Chimney

Not all seems well with the once-popular socialite and international man-eater Judith Heard.

Heard smoking like a chimney

On her recent trip to Dubai, she was spotted drowning herself in Shisha like there was no tomorrow, in what was speculated to be a measure of counter-attacking her problems.

While chilling in the desert, Heard was spotted inhaling the smoke like she was promised a free ticket to heaven the next day.

Apparently, she may be dealing with stress of denial after Rwandese born BBA flop Frankie turned down her love proposal citing age as the main obstacle.

As our snoops are on a mission to decode the woes around her life, Heard seems to be on a sinking boat that is going down faster than the titanic.

It should be noted that among the issues giving her unending worries, is the fact that her main rival in the bed-hopping business, Zari is now more international than she is.

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