Kenzo Chased Like Chicken Thief At Chameleone’s Concert

When fame kicks in, attitudes also follow suit but it was more than tragic for now international singer Eddy Kenzo when he tried showcasing his newly acquired bossy lifestyle.

Eddy Kenzo
Eddy Kenzo

While accessing Kyadondo rugby grounds for the much-anticipated Wale Wale double trouble concert, singer Eddy Kenzo grew large balls and attempted to drive through to the venue as opposed to the security protocols of the night.

Apparently, security officers who were in plenty at the venue seemed not interested in how much successful Kenzo has become of late, and told him to obey security plans.

When he tried to disobey the Parking rules, Kenzo was chased away like a chicken thief.

According to the organizers, all attendants were expected to use Shoprite Mall Parking and UMA grounds.

Only the Ambulance, Fire truck and Chameleone’s car were allowed to park at the concert venue.

On hearing the directive ‘Park outside or leave’, the humiliated Kenzo fled the venue fuming and cursing security officers.

Dixon Okello who was in charge of Security at the Venue reveals that Kenzo was locked out because he never followed orders.

“All other artistes and the General public parked at UMA grounds and Shoprite and walked to the venue through the main gate. Eddy Kenzo, as usual felt special and thought he would drive in through the VIP gate.
I refused to open the VIP gate and told him to use the main gate(walking like others).He was arrogant.Its then that i gave Instructions to Counter Terrorism officers to chase him away.”

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